March 15, 2016

A Perfect Me-Time Moment

It's such a cliché but life can be very busy and hectic sometimes. With work or school, the gym, friends & family, cleaning, cooking and social activities, most of us live a life that could be featured on a remake of "I don't know how she does it" (P.S. it's a really nice movie). With a fully booked schedule there is almost no time left to relax. Today I am sharing my steps and tips to create a perfect me-time moment, which doesn't have to take up to much time at all. 

In general I like to have some me-time at night, when I am staying in for the evening but lazy Sunday mornings are also a perfect moment to relax. The first step in my me-time routine is to:

Get comfy
I absolutely love pajamas and loungewear because they are just the comfiest things to wear and immediately make you feel relaxt. But if you are not a pajama person, switching your bra to a bralette can be the way to increase your comfort level, because taking of your bra is just one of the best feelings. I love to go for items that aren't only comfy but also look really cute, because me-time is all about feeling good about yourself and who doesn't like cute loungewear. Recently I discovered Adore Me a website, where you can find adorable pajamas, bralettes and loungewear for an affordable price. These are some of my favorite items by Adore Me.

Turn of your phone
My phone is my biggest distraction and although I love scrolling trough Instagram, staring at a phone screen for too long is not helping your relax at all. Actually turning my phone off and putting it away for about half an hour can help me focus on other things, that will actually help me relax.

Pamper yourself
One of those relaxing things I like to focus on, is pampering myself. Whether it's a nice hand or face mask, doing your nails or tweezing your eyebrows, take the time for something that will make you feel good about yourself. 

Do something you love
The time you need to wait for you nail polish to dry and you face mask to sink in, is the perfect time to spend on those hobbies you normally forget to schedule, like reading a good book, going for a nice walk or even taking a power nap.

Treat yourself
I live by the rule that calories don't count during me-time. So make yourself a nice hot chocolate, tea or smoothie and grab your favorite snacks because sometimes you just gotta treat yourself with things you love and you can always go to the gym tomorrow.

These are the steps that help me create a perfect me-time moment and I hope they help you relax as well, because everyone deserves some downtime.

What does your perfect me-time moment look like?



  1. Goed idee! Die sokken zijn zo leuk! Heerlijk een pyjama dagje :D

  2. Another me-time moment: make some time to read your blogposts! Nice article, only I shouldn't go to take a nice walk while I got a face mask on;)