May 29, 2016

Picture Time: Week 20 + 21

Good morning! A double picture time this week, since I did not upload my picture time last week. So grab some coffee because I have quite some pictures to share with you today.

I started my Monday off with a run and since the weather was nice I decided not to go to the gym but to run outside instead. I took the first picture in this picture time during my run, isn't Amsterdam beautiful?

That afternoon I went to Scheveningen to meet up with my parents and to have a hot chocolate on the beach.

I walked past the Circustheater, where beauty and the beast is playing at the moment. I am a big musicals fan so I will have to get some tickets for beauty and the beast soon.

That evening my roommates and I had a night in with a nice glass of wine.

The next day we had dinner with the roommates and decided that we wanted to play a board game. We went for Cluedo, which we all had not played for years.

That Friday I went to Pluk to celebrate their 1 year anniversary. The food looked amazing like always.

They had this adorable bar in front of their store/restaurant.

And of course we could not resist the Photo Booth :).

After the event we went to Brix for dinner, but since they served really nice food at the event we weren't too hungry, so I went for something light.

The chocolate dessert at Brix is always amazing, so we decided to share it because we simply could not resist.

On Saturday I worked at the Women's Health Fit For Summer event. I forgot to take pictures of the sport clinics and the event itself, but I did photograph the healthy lunch.

That evening I went to Arnhem for a birthday and of course I couldn't resist visiting my friends in Nijmegen so I that's what I did on Sunday.

These flowers were delivered at work aren't they gorgeous? Peonies are my favorite flowers and I always get so excited when the peony season arrives again.

Wednesday I went out for dinner to Pllek, a restaurant I'd never been before. 

The food was amazing and the location and atmosphere were also really nice, so I will definitely go back soon.

Pllek is located in Amsterdam North right at the water's edge, which will also be lovely in the summer when the weather is hopefully a bit nicer :). 

Friday I was on the hunt for a dress for an upcoming event in a big department store and I could not resist the Froyo stand.

Saturday I met up with one of my friends at Pluk again and while I was getting the smoothies she was taking pictures. This one turned out quite cute for an unexpected picture. I also finally had some time to film a video this weekend, so look out for that one on my blog soon!

Do you have any nice plans for this coming week?


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