June 9, 2016

Change, for the better!

Lately it has been quiet on my blog and even though I tried to convince you and also myself that this was due to lack of time (which is still partly true), this wasn't the real reason. The reason why I haven't posted much recently is because I lost my flow. I haven't been really happy with my blog for quite a while now. I love to write and I love to share a piece of my world and mind, with you but the way my blog is currently designed and themed, just felt too constricted.

I started this blog believe it or not about 4 years ago because I thought I needed it for my YouTube channel. Back then my blog was nothing more than a website were I posted my new videos whenever I made one, which was often about once every three months. I then was a nineteen year old girl who was obsessed with beauty and spend hours reading lipstick and eyeshadow reviews or watching tutorials on YouTube. Over the years my interests and priorities changed and although I still love beauty, this wasn't the only thing I wanted to write about. In the past year my blog started to take priority over my YouTube channel because I discovered that I really enjoyed writing and sharing a bit more of my personal life with you, but the fact that my blog was originally a beauty blog limited me in how much of my personal life I could share with you. So that's why it is time for a change.

I am no longer that 19-year-old girl I was 4 years ago, I changed and now it's time for my blog to go through the same change, wow this sounds dramatic right. So now you might be wondering, what are you going to change Meryl? Well basically almost everything.  I want my blog to be about more than just beauty. So my updated blog will be about fashion, lifestyle, relationships, career, traveling, beauty and so much more. Furthermore I want to write more personal pieces and stories that also reflect my personal experiences. I don't want to be a blogger that paints a perfect picture of her life, I want my blog to be real and about my real life and real experiences. I also feel that by opening up the content of my blog I will be able to show and share my writing style a bit more.

Besides the changes on the content front, there will also be some other changes. I am going to change the name and the design of my blog and I also want to buy a domain name because I want my blog to be a bit more professional. I am really excited about the changes and feel so inspired to write new content for you. I hope you are all just as excited as I am and continue to support my blog because it means so much to me! My blog and social media accounts will have their transformation in the following days, so it might be a bit quiet. I will keep you updated on everything on my Instagram account, which already went through a name change and is now called merylsmeets.

See you soon on my updated blog and of course on my Insta!


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